Friday, April 29, 2011

VERY daunted by the road ahead for me....

Its been 5 days of avoiding grains altogether and limiting the carbs to mostly fruit and veggies.  Oh and eating plenty of protein.  It's been hard to give up the diet soda and I did want some carby stuff the first few days.  I am now finding that I am not really all that hungry, as long as I eat the balanced meal I make at each meal, I don't even really think about eating.  This isn't a diet change of eating to enjoy, its more like a diet change of eating to fuel body.

But I must admit, I am daunted by how much work I need to do on my own body.  Part of me is disgusted that I let myself get this out of shape, but then I try to remind myself that last year was certainly very rough on my body.  I went from being happy to just be alive and not caring about this "temporary" body, to now realizing that as "temporary" as this body is, I should still take care of it a LOT better then I have been.  I have so much work to do, and being on day feels like I will never reach any of my goals.

I need to try to keep positive about it.  One day at a time.  One foot in front of the other.

As for the kids...well the first day, Caden and twins were climbing under couches, looking anywhere for a hidden carb that they could stuff in their math.  Caden incessantly talked about pancakes the 2nd day.  They are now getting a little more used to it, but still most hate eating the veggies I put on their plate, then complain they are hungry soon after.  I have been trying to make the veggies fun, by dipping them in stuff.  Here's hoping that eventually they will enjoy the veggies soon as much as they enjoy the protein and fruit!  Some of our meals have included:

fruited yogurt (made by combining one giant tub of vanilla yogurt with 2 giant tubs of plain yogurt and 2 bags of frozen berries)
piece of bacon
carrot sticks

hamburgers with tomato, cheese, ketchup, wrapped up in romaine lettuce leaves

baked chicken
broccoli and celery with blue cheese dip

corned beef
green beans with butter sauce to dip

string cheese
sunflower seeds

We tend to have a really BIG breakfast bc kids are starving in morning, then we have a lighter lunch, followed by a relatively big dinner.  We have a protein, fruit and veggie at every meal (including veggie at breakfast!)  If the kids are hungry in between meals, I have been offering them sunflower seeds, veggies, sometimes a fruit, or a slice of cheese....they have been going through sunflower seeds like crazy.  They REALLY love snacking on those.  They get unlimited water to drink all day and the kids get a big glass of milk at night (they eat quite a bit of dairy throughout breakfast, lunch and dinner).  The kids and Doug will be having potatoes and rice on a limited, but regular schedule once we get through the first few weeks trial as well.

Nobody is complaining of hunger or anything.  And dare I say, my boys have seemed slightly calmer to me this week?  It could just be the placebo effect, but we actually went out to eat yesterday for a belated Easter dinner with family at a buffet, and the boys were all sitting there at their seats, NOT RUNNING around, and behaving really well. I told Doug when we left "that was eeiry!"   Time will tell if we see more results or what??  But I am certainly interested to see how another week works for the kids!


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