Saturday, April 23, 2011

2 more days....

I am excited and nervous to start our new diet change this Monday.  I know its going to be hard on all of us though!!!  We have started transitioning some meals and the kids were sneaking crackers and such after....which only proved to me that we have to get it all OUT for this to work!  Tomorrow is Easter and the kids are allowed a free for all after Church....but whatever they have left  is going in trash tomorrow night.  And then we start our month challenge.  Here's hoping that it proves to make some big changes for our family! 

I am ditching some internet time, but as we experience this diet change and get more into it, I will try to explain some of what I have learned thus far (and am still reading/learning).  Most of it deals with the huge carb overload of the typical American diet and how all the carbs  make the body insulin resistant over time.  Its some crazy stuff!!!  Write down what you eat in a few days time, you might be surprised...I never noticed just how many carbs/grains we were eating a day in relationship to everything else!

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